Chest Research Foundation focuses on understanding the pathophysiology of development of Asthma and Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD).

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Chest Research Foundation conducts Phase III and Phase IV Clinical Trials. The team has national and international experience in conducting Clinical Trials from Phase II through Phase IV.

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CRF is deeply concerned about the lack of knowledge and skills amongst the health care providers about diagnosis and management of Asthma and COPD.

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DMS is a dynamic discipline that aims at the development and application of methodologies for inference and data analysis for science, medicine and society.

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About CRF

Studies on airways diseases in India, especially asthma and COPD, with focus on regional variations and etiological factors. Clinical evaluation of drugs for the treatment of these diseases.

Updating knowledge and practice of respiratory disease management through certificate courses for physicians. Training programmes for technicians and paramedical personnel to improve diagnosis and management of airways diseases Patient education programmes to improve understanding of disease management, overcome stigmas and scale boundaries of language and culture Training modules for postgraduate students.

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News & Events

Awards and achievement

Travel Sponsorship Award

This year at the European Respiratory Annual Conference held in London, CRF was awarded with 4 Silver Travel Sponsorship Awards and a Young Scientist Award.

Best oral presentation award

CRF outshined at the NAPCON 2016 held at Mumbai with a best oral presentation award.

European Respiratory Society

Dr. Bill Brashier, who had been awarded a Short term (4 months ) European Respiratory Society fellowship at the Imperial College, UK, has been invited to chair a session this year at the ERS.