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The Molecular Respiratory Research Laboratory at Chest Research Foundation focuses on understanding the pathophysiology of development of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a chronic disease caused by long-term exposure to noxious particles or gases. We all know that tobacco smoking is one of the major risk factors for COPD but the molecular mechanisms leading to the development of COPD are still incompletely understood. Biomass smoke exposure is another major risk factor for COPD in India. The research at the Molecular Respiratory Research Laboratory focuses on understanding the similarities and differences in the pathophysiology of tobacco-smoke and biomass-smoke associated COPD. The ultimate goal of the laboratory is to identify molecular targets which could help in the prevention and treatment of COPD.

The presence of a robust clinical trial unit at CRF allows easy access to biological samples from asthma and COPD subjects along with facilities for advanced pulmonary function tests. These tests provide a detailed understanding of the lung functional capacity in our patients and their correlation with molecular observations.

The lab also offers training programs in collaboration with the training department at CRF. Research oriented professionals can get hands-on training in molecular biology techniques such as cell culture and western blotting through our 2-day workshops. 


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