The clinical Trials division at Chest Research Foundation consists of a team of 7 doctors, 2 clinical trial coordinators, a clinical pharmacist, 4 technicians and a quality manager.

The team is experienced in national and international Clinical trials and have expertise in Phase II through Phase IV trials as well as BA/BE studies.  The team has also been trained in BCS and ACLS courses.

Chest Research Foundation has a state of the art pulmonary function test laboratory, a separate ECG room, a blood collection room, a back up haematology laboratory, an SAE management room and three separate consulting rooms for patient consultations.

AWARDS 2015 - Best Pulmonology Team of the Year

ISCR AWARDS 2016 -Notable Contribution to Clinical Research Fraternity

ISCR Award 2011 - Best Clinical Research Site

CRF at ERS 2016 London
7 of the 12 abstracts submitted were selected at t
CRF at ERS 2015 Amsterdam
9 of the 13 abstracts submitted were selected at t
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