The spacious facility of Chest Research Foundation houses three consulting rooms with adequate security for clinical trial supplies.

Chest Research Foundation has a fully equipped Pulmonary Function test laboratory with advanced PFT testing equipment like the body box plethysmography, DLCO, Impulse oscillometry, etc.

We have a fully functional haematology laboratory with separate blood collection facility.

A separate closed room is available for ECGs. 

A well equipped Emergency room has been prepared in case of any adverse events (serious/non serious). We have a link up with KEM Hospital, Sahyadri Group of Hospitals and Inlaks and Biudhrani Hospital in case any of our patient needs to be hospitalized.

All our protocols are scrutinized by our Institutional Review Board which meets regularly every 6 - 8 weeks. 

An onsite archival facility is available for storage of clinical trial records.

The pharmacy consists of various rooms according to the required levels of temperature control. A walk in cold storage facility has seperately locked steel cabinets for storage of multiple trial drugs with access to restricted personnel. A deep freezer is also available to store biological samples in -20 to -80 degrees C. Used drugs are stored at room temperature.

Clinical trial monitors have a separate seating area for quite and thorough monitoring.

Our in-house quality department conducts periodic internal audits to ensure quality of all our clinical trials.

Chest Research Foundation has the facility to house upto 12 patients for overnight stay if required.



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