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Bronchodilator properties of a single cup of tea measured by spirometry
Presented at European Respiratory Society Congress, 2006, Munich, Germany


Bill Brashier, Jyoti Mandale, Vandana Vincent, Anchala Raghupati, Sapna Valsa, Sundeep Salvi
Chest Research Foundation Pune.

Tea contains caffeine and theobromine, known phosphodiestrase enzyme inhibitors, which have a potential to produce bronchodilator effects. The aim of this study was to assess the bronchodilator effects of a single cup of tea, prepared by a standardized method, in subjects suffering with mild-to-moderate asthma. 25 mild-to-moderate adult male and female asthmatic subjects were enrolled in this open label study. Baseline FEV1 and FVC values were measured with a Volume-displacement Spirometer (Vitalograph 2160), after ensuring that they had avoided known bronchodilator drugs for an appropriate duration of time. They were then given a cup of tea prepared by brewing 2.5 mg of tea powder (Taj tea bags) and 3 cubes of sugar in 100ml of water and 50 ml of milk, boiled at 240oC for 2 minutes. Lung function parameters (FEV1 and FVC) were then measured at 5mins, 20mins 30mins, 45mins and 60mins post-tea consumption. Mean baseline FEV1 of the study subjects was 1.95 liters. Tea produced a significant bronchodilator response (>12% and 200mL increase in FEV1) in 20% of these subjects, and 8% showed an improvement between 8–12% in FEV1. Conclusions

Our study suggests that one cup of tea has a significant therapeutic bronchodilator effect in one fifth of asthmatic subjects, and underscores the importance of avoiding tea before reversibility testing with ?2-agonists. We studied the bronchodilator properties of only one tea brand. It would be useful to compare the bronchodilator effects of different tea brands, and using different tea preparation methods.




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