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 2 abstracts presented at NAPCON 2016.

  • Quantitative analysis of potentially pathogenic microbes in the induced sputum samples of rural Indian non-smoking COPD subjects

Baishakhi Ghosh, Akshay Gaike, Shrikant Bhute, Shreyas Kumbhare, Kanchan Pyasi, Dr. Amit Agarwal, Dr. Bill Brashier, Dr. Yogesh Shauche, Dr. Sundeep Salvi, Dr. Peter Barnes, Dr. Louise Donnelly


  • Smoke extractor system for in vitro exposure to lung cells.

Smita Kadam, Baishakhi Ghosh, Kanchan Pyasi, Dr. Sundeep Salvi, Dr. Amit R Agarwal


Smita Kadam was awarded the 2nd Prize for Best Oral Presentation at NAPCON2016 in Mumbai. 

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