Support for families with Pediatric Asthma
Childhood Asthma Support Group- SHWAAS
In a step that will help thousands of worried parents breathe a little easy, Chest Research Foundation (CRF) has launched SHWAAS, a support group for parents of children suffering from asthma, and chronic cold and cough.
The seed of SHWAAS was sown by a study we conducted a couple of years ago, which revealed that the number of children suffering from asthma in Pune had doubled in just 5 years
When it comes to health problems, especially those pertaining to one’s child, there is a need for emotional support, which is best provided by those who are facing the same problem. The immediate beneficiary is the child and, in the long term, the society itself benefits through propagation of the right information.
SHWAAS will provide a platform for parents to share their concerns, exchange notes, connect to doctors and also update their knowledge about the latest practices to achieve total asthma control.
Whatever be the cause, asthma can be controlled for sure. The main problem is ignorance. The main objective of SHWAAS is to fight that ignorance.
SHWAAS Programme which will focus both on parents as well as children. For parents sessions will be on happy parenting of an asthmatic child & children sessions include on how to boost their confidence & shape up their personality despite their asthma.
“SHWAAS”support group meetings will be once a month & the 1st meeting will be on 24th March 2012.
Parents of children suffering from childhood asthma, Allergic Rhinitis (runny nose), long term cough can become members of SHWAAS
Parents interested in joining SHWAAS may write to Dr. Monica Barne at or call on +91-9922933131.
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